I Took a Train Across the U.S. and Here Are 6 Great Things About It

Scenic Views

Train travel offers breathtaking vistas of America's diverse landscapes, from mountains and deserts to forests and plains.

Relaxed Pace

Train travel can be more leisurely compared to flying, allowing passengers to unwind, socialize, and enjoy the journey.

Comfortable Seating

Trains typically offer spacious seating with more legroom than airplanes, providing a more comfortable ride.

Opportunity to Socialize

Trains provide ample opportunity to meet fellow travelers, fostering a sense of community on board.

Accessibility to City Centers

Train stations are often located in or near city centers, making it convenient to access urban areas without the need for additional transportation.

Environmentally Friendly

Trains are generally considered a more eco-friendly mode of transportation compared to air travel, producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

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