8 Things Flight Attendants Want You to Know About Flying

Safety is the Top Priority

Flight attendants are trained extensively in safety procedures and protocols. They are there to ensure your safety in case of emergencies, so it's important to follow their instructions.

Fasten Your Seatbelt Even When the Seatbelt Sign is Off

Turbulence can occur unexpectedly, so it's important to keep your seatbelt fastened whenever you're seated, even if the seatbelt sign is off.

Listen to the Safety Briefing

Although it may seem routine, the safety briefing provides crucial information about emergency exits, life vests, and oxygen masks.

Avoid Using Electronic Devices During Takeoff and Landing

Regulations require all electronic devices to be turned off during takeoff and landing. This is to ensure they don't interfere with the plane's communication systems.

Be Kind and Respectful to Fellow Passengers

Treat fellow passengers with courtesy and respect. Remember that everyone is sharing the same confined space for a period of time.

Keep the Aisle Clear

To allow for easy movement in case of emergencies, avoid blocking the aisle with bags or other belongings.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol affects the body differently at high altitudes. Excessive drinking can lead to dehydration and other complications. Drink in moderation.

Flight Attendants are Not Waitstaff

Flight attendants have multiple responsibilities beyond serving food and drinks. They are primarily there for your safety, so be patient and respectful.

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