7 Unwritten Costco Rules You Should Always Follow

Use the Right Entrance

 Costco typically designates one entrance for incoming shoppers and another for exiting. 

Have Your Membership Card Ready

You'll need to show your membership card at the entrance. Having it ready helps keep the entry process efficient.

Sample Etiquette

While sampling food is a fun perk of shopping at Costco, it's important to be considerate.

Don't Block Aisles

Avoid leaving your cart in the middle of an aisle. Pull over to the side to allow other shoppers to pass freely.

Respect the Two-Person Rule

If you're shopping with a partner, it's generally advised to share a cart. This helps keep the aisles clear and makes it easier for others to navigate.

Avoid Overloading Your Cart

While Costco is known for bulk purchases, it's still possible to overload your cart to the point where it's difficult to maneuver. 

Use Checkout Lanes Efficiently

Choose the right checkout lane based on your items. If you have fewer items, opt for an express lane.

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