7 Things You Should Never Buy at Gas Stations

Electronics and Accessories

Items like chargers, headphones, and other electronic accessories are often marked up significantly at gas stations. 

Bottled Water

Single-use bottled water at gas stations tends to be more expensive than buying it in bulk at grocery stores.

Snacks and Candy Bars

Snacks and candy bars at gas stations are often priced higher than what you'd find at a grocery or convenience store. 

Over-the-Counter Medications

Basic medications like pain relievers or antacids are typically more expensive at gas stations compared to drug stores or supermarkets.

Personal Care Items

Items like shampoo, soap, and razors are usually marked up at gas station convenience stores. It's better to buy these items at a pharmacy or supermarket.


Alcohol prices at gas stations are often higher than those at liquor stores or larger supermarkets.

Prepackaged Sandwiches or Hot Food

While convenient, the quality and freshness of prepackaged sandwiches and hot food at gas stations may not be as high as what you'd find at a deli or restaurant.

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