7 American Customs That Make No Sense to Foreigners

Tipping Culture:

 In many countries, service charges are included in the bill, so tipping is not as common or is discretionary.

Sales Tax Added at Checkout:

Unlike many countries where the displayed price includes taxes, in the U.S., sales tax is added at the checkout, which can be surprising to foreigners.

Super-sized Food Portions: 

 The portion sizes at restaurants and fast-food establishments in the U.S. are often larger than what many foreigners are used to, which can be overwhelming.

Refrigerated Eggs:

 In the U.S., eggs are typically stored in refrigerators at the grocery store, whereas in some countries, they are kept at room temperature.

Personal Space and Smiling at Strangers: 

 Americans are often known for being friendly and polite, which can sometimes come across as overly familiar or insincere to people from cultures with different norms.

The Obsession with Ice:

Americans tend to prefer drinks with a lot of ice, which is not as common in many other countries.

Pledge of Allegiance: 

The practice of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in schools is unique to the U.S. and might seem unusual to foreigners.

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