6 things you should never buy at an airport

Bottled Water

Airport prices for bottled water are often significantly higher than what you'd find at a regular store.

Snacks and Convenience Store Items

Snacks, magazines, and convenience store items at airports tend to be marked up. It's usually more cost-effective to buy these items outside the airport.

Souvenirs and Gift Shop Items

While airport gift shops are convenient, the prices are typically higher compared to local shops or attractions at your destination.

Electronics and Gadgets

Electronics stores in airports often charge premium prices. It's better to shop for these items at regular retailers or online.

Duty-Free Liquor and Fragrances

While duty-free shops offer some savings on alcohol and fragrances, it's important to compare prices with local stores.

Last-Minute Travel Accessories

Things like chargers, headphones, and travel-sized toiletries are usually pricier at the airport. Try to plan ahead and bring everything you'll need.

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