10 Hazardous Items You Should Never Leave in Your Car


Leaving pets in a car, especially in hot weather, can lead to heatstroke and even death. Even with the windows cracked, the inside of a car can become dangerously hot.


Leaving children unattended in a car is extremely dangerous, especially in hot weather. It can lead to heatstroke or other life-threatening situations.


Extreme temperatures can affect the potency and effectiveness of medications. Some medications can become less effective or even harmful if exposed to high heat or freezing temperatures.


Smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices can be damaged by extreme temperatures. High heat can cause batteries to degrade or explode.

Aerosol Cans

Aerosol cans, like those containing deodorant, sunscreen, or insect repellent, can explode when exposed to high temperatures, posing a serious safety risk.

Lighters and Matches

Lighters and matches are highly flammable and can ignite in high temperatures. They should be kept in a cool, dry place.

Perishable Foods

Leaving perishable foods in a hot car can lead to bacterial growth and spoilage, making them unsafe to consume.

Pressurized Containers

Items like spray paint cans or fire extinguishers can explode or leak under extreme temperatures, posing a safety risk.


Car batteries, as well as regular household batteries, can be affected by extreme temperatures. High heat can cause them to lose charge or even explode.

Flammable Liquids

Gasoline, lighter fluid, and other flammable liquids should never be left in a hot car as they can ignite and cause fires.

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